Q: Is commissioning furniture expensive?

A: Commissioned, handmade furniture is by its very nature more costly than buying furniture from a high street retailer. However we believe it represents good value for money in terms of owning a piece of furniture that is i) Unique ii) Bespoke: exactly what you want, need and like, iii) Is beautifully hand crafted and has iv) Longevity: Will last for generations.

Q: How much will it cost?

A: Depending on the complexity and size of the project there may be a small design fee charged to cover the cost incurred by MijMoj for research, travel, materials and design development time. Any design fees will be made clear before any work takes place. The overall cost will depend on several factors including the size of the product, the materials used and the complexity of the design. A quotation for the overall cost will be given to you before any construction work begins to ensure everyone is happy and clear with the specification, so there should be no unexpected surprises.

Q. How long will the commissioning process take?

A: This again depends on the size and complexity of the design and also how much existing work is currently ongoing in the workshop. As a rough guide the process usually includes 3-4 weeks to develop concepts and refinement of the chosen design. Once the design is agreed the construction will then usually take approximately 6-10 weeks to complete. A more detailed time frame can be given once the project is discussed in full. It's not a fast process because all features are carefully considered, designed and then constructed with utmost care and attention given to every detail, which in essence ensures a quality result. We believe this is what makes the commissioning process all the more special and rewarding.

Q. Can I come and see my design being hand crafted / constructed?

A. We welcome all clients to come and see their project in the workshop as it's being hand crafted and constructed (subject to prior arrangement, give us call to organise a convenient time). We feel that seeing 'work in progress' adds to the client's experience of commissioning a piece of furniture and allows minor details to be changed and modified if required. If travelling to our workshop in North Wales is not practical for whatever reason, we can send regular updates to you via email with images of the project as it's built, keeping you informed and up to date with progress.

Q. How do I choose what material to use for my commission piece?

A. Material selection all depends on the style you are looking to achieve, modern v traditional, dark v light, reflective v matt? Are you trying to match the commission piece to existing furniture in a room? Where will the piece be kept? Materials, especially wood do vary in price therefore your budget may also determine which materials are chosen for construction. We will always advise and guide you on the best and most practical materials to use. If needed we can always combine materials to suit most budgets and styles. There is always a design solution to meet the requirements of each design brief, that's where a bit of creative thinking comes in useful!

Commissioning Guide - Why commission a piece of furniture?

With more and more people taking an active interest in the design of their homes it has become increasingly difficult to furnish a room with something unique in appearance and functional. Finding that right piece of furniture from a shop can often be difficult from the limited selection available, either the colour is wrong, the piece is too big or small or it's in the wrong style. Commissioning bespoke work could be the answer. By working with MijMoj we can design and build a piece of furniture to match your exact needs.

Commissioning a piece of furniture can be an immensely rewarding experience for clients, with pieces designed to their unique specification and culminating in a piece that reflects your taste and lifestyle and will hopefully take pride of place in your home or work place.

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